Current Writing Projects

A Dream of Form

This is a novella that I wrote for my undergraduate Creative Writing Dissertation. It got a low first, but still needs some editing and plot changes to make before it is at a point where I’d be happy to share it with the world.

It is about identity and existence by exploring the power of imagination, storytelling and the significance of memory (and memory loss).

I have also been offered the chance for this story to be illustrated, but the time for that will come once I’ve completed the editing process.

The Wanderer’s Mind

A companion story to Born of an Idea, this is essentially the book that is found by my main character James, in which he is the main character. Sounds confusing? It is. The Wanderer’s Mind is written in the voice of the author which features in Born of an Idea, namely: Francis Sterling. I decided to write the story to give me a better sense of James’ character, and to have an idea of what he would read in the book and what he would therefore discover.

This piece of writing can be read on its own, and is unconventional in that it doesn’t have a fixed plot. It is written in chapters that I would call ‘Exploratory Extracts’ that give a sense of the essence of the main character Mr Park (James’ fictional counterpart). It is more of an experimental piece of writing, and has allowed me the freedom of writing under a different voice, and to adopt a writing style that is unlike my own.

My Afterwards Journal

This is my longest piece of writing to date. It is also incredibly unfinished. When completed, this will be a Young Adult novel in the form of a journal which is written by my main character, Tobias Harper, who has found himself in the afterlife.

Writing this has so far plunged me into the depths of deep thinking, where I must consider what an afterlife might be like, and what it might mean for us while we’re still alive. It doesn’t mean I believe there is life after death, but it does mean that I find inspiration from considering the possibility, and exploring characters who have had no choice but to experience it.

Knowing Robin

Carrying on with Young Adult, I started writing this after reading John Green’s novel An Abundance of Katherines. I don’t know exactly how that book inspired this idea, but it definitely inspired me to write. The plot hasn’t been fully mapped out, but what I do know is that the story aims to explore various subjects that have all affected me (and potentially most of us!) at one point or another. These subjects include: Anxiety, sexuality, love, and friendship. My main character, Robin, finds himself suddenly experiencing these things all at once and struggles to cope with it.

I Like Both

This is a collection about my journey coming to terms with my bisexuality. So far, I have only written a few poems about sexuality, and none of them I am really happy with. But that is the nature of writing about personal subjects, there’s a struggle, but in the end there comes the reward of realising the journey you made, and that the struggle was worth every moment.

This collection aims to make the bisexual struggle a little easier on readers’ who might be going through something similar to me.

Skeleton with a Heart

500 thoughts from an anxious mind


if your thoughts go somewhere sad then talk to yourself and bring those good thoughts back

After drinking too much coffee, I had a sleepless night. I decided to write some ‘Night Thoughts‘ to pass the time. Since that night I have been writing thoughts of the same kind every day. The thoughts usually stem from my anxiety, and my other worries about every day life, the things around me, or my relationship with my mental health/mind. Getting these thoughts out has helped me to identify how I really feel, and to help me calm my mind, and think things through.

They are like short-form poems, but I don’t write them as poetry. They are simply anxious thoughts. Poetic in their expression, personal in their nature.

As I write this, I have written 272 thoughts. I aim to compile the first 500 into a book for other anxious minds to read and reflect on.

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